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Experience amazing impacts by stacking Deca with Testosterone

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  • 7 Years ago
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Deca-Durabolin is acknowledged as an anabolic-androgenic steroid which has gained immense popularity with countless athletes and bodybuilders. This medication is viewed as the second-best injectable steroid that follows testosterone. This is ranked as a Schedule III compound which consists of a vigorous life of nearly 14-16 days and gets detectable over a time span of 16-18 months. This medication was produced to treat people suffering from muscle wasting problems as it can effectually augment the growth of muscles and bone density. Additionally, it also increases the production of red blood cells besides curing joint problems of athletes experienced at the time of their strong, powerful workouts.

This medication can be utilized both during the off-season phases as well as prior to a professional contest. It is also highly effectual in developing nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, endurance and performance. The important benefit of this compound is it doesn’t do any harm to your liver and doesn’t cause side effects, like acne, hair loss and skin irritation. Users habitually stack this medication with other compounds and amongst many medications; testosterone is one which can be easily stacked with this compound. However, for achieving the finest outcomes, you must know the correct dosage of Deca/Test for bulking as an irresponsible use can lead to fatal outcomes.

Abusing this compound

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If you abuse this medication, you can face health problems like, edema, menstrual problems, heart attack, gynecomastia and enlargement of the prostate. This drug should neither be attempted by a child nor by a pregnant or a breastfeeding woman. Those who are allergic to the constituents of this medication should be forbidden to take it. Additionally, people who are being administered anticoagulants or medications to avert blood clots should stay away from this medication. Even a diabetic patient should not take this medication and it should be kept away from direct sunlight, children, moisture and pets.

Stacking it with Testosterone

The combination of this medication with testosterone is most probably the finest off-season bulking stack one can ever implement. In this combination, you have the freedom to implement all the forms of testosterone; Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Suspension, Testosterone Propionate, Sustanon 250 and Omnadren among other forms. The purpose of this stacking is to counter the suppression of natural testosterone. This cycle should be used for 10 weeks. If you are taking it for a lengthier period of 16 weeks then it is better to run 8-week cycles four times in a year than running a couple of 16-week cycles each year.

However, you are highly advised to go through a post-cycle therapy between the 2ndand 4th week. This, again, is an individual decision because there is actually no reason for running a PCT if your testosterone production is at its best. A PCT is highly recommended when the levels of steroids are low as the purpose of a PCT is to restore the natural levels of testosterone. A perfect dosage of Deca Test for bulking requires 200mg of this medication in combination with Testosterone Enanthate in a dosage of 600mg for 10-12 weeks and this is absolutely harmless for your health.

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