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The human body is vulnerable to many diseases which are not that easy to cure also. Some of them are results of poor hygiene while some are hereditary and some are age-related. The Keloids is also one of such disease that makes the health of the patient worse once it is at the peak. It is known as one of the toughest skin diseases to counter and hence as soon as one comes to know about the emergence there must be action plan prepared. One can go for allopathic options as well as home remedies, but in the case of home remedies, it may take some time to cure the disease completely.

What are Keloidal scars?

Keloids are overgrown tissues over scars on the skin. It is common for people with darker skin. It affects both genders equally. Sometimes keloids can develop even from ear piercings. The granulation tissues overgrow over the affected skin area. These scars can grow larger over a period. Children can develop keloids as early as ten years, especially from ear piercings. These keloids would continue to grow as the body grows. A keloid scar is not contagious but is benign.

Keloids are often lumpy or ridged on the skin. The color varies from the person’s skin color, red and even dark brown. Descents of the Asian, Hispanic and African communities are more susceptible to this kind of scars. Keloids tend to be larger than the actual wound. They can be quite itchy and painful at times. The soreness of the scar can be predicted by the color it reflects. They are not harmful to your body but can grow to be irritable. The keloids will cause more discomfort if it rubs against any cloth. This can subsequently result in hardened skin tissue which would eventually restrict your movements.

How to reduce the Keloidal scars?

The basic aspect of controlling keloids appearing over the skin is keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized so that the healing process becomes fast. Exfoliating your skin would also help check the growth of keloids.

Applying honey to the affected region will help heal the skin faster because it is a natural humectant. A paste of aspirin and water kept overnight will help not only with exfoliation but also with its anti-inflammatory properties. Apple cider vinegar massaged gently for a while till the skin absorbs it. It is good remedy due to its astringent qualities. Lemon juice, Aloe Vera, baking soda, onion juice – all help in healing the keloid scars. It is because of the antioxidant quality of lemon juice, the soothing and moisturizing provided by Aloe Vera. Grapeseed fruit extracts also help in the healing. Baking soda acts an exfoliator, and onion juice uses many mechanisms to curb keloids.

Applying these remedies several times a day will help you achieve results faster. Keloids can be hard to work with, but with persistence and using these natural remedies daily will help you achieve your desired effects. In all cases, skin injury or trauma must be avoided. Along with this, a proper diet and exfoliating your skin once a week will help prevent keloids.

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