Impacts of Blackheads and Cure for it!

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Blackheads are small dots on the skin.  Normally this will be in black color, but sometimes this will be in yellow color also.  This will affect anyone, there is no specification, but people who are having oily skin will be affected more than other people.  First of people, who got affected by this should not get panic.  Because this can be removed and there are several ways to do so.  But patience is required so much. Hence, it is very safe to wash the face two tomes in a day.  Before washing the face, you should ensure that your hands are clean. Then, ensure that your hair does not fall on your face.  This will get irritated and the infection will spread.  Avoiding this can control blackheads spreading to a large extent.

Apply clay mask.  You will get great benefit for removal of blackhead.  Another method is applied in a natural way, which is, honey and cinnamon.  Both are available in the natural shops.  Apply this on a regular basis without any gap.  Blackheads will disappear. Another natural method is turmeric with mint (camphor).  Apply the combination of this on the affected area and allow drying.  After the time, wash the face with clean warm water.  Do it for seven days continuously.

One more method is using tomatoes.  Have a tomato, peeled and mashed and then apply it on the blackheads.  Allow to dry, leave it as it is overnight.  Next day morning, wash it gently with warm water.  Try this everyday – without any gap for 15 days. In any case, try one method at a time and do not try combination of the above or altogether.

There is a quick method also.  If your skin is oil one, then, you should allow it to go dry.  For this, get cotton material backed with ultra sticky solution.  This will enable the face become dry.  Wait for 15 minutes.  Then, rip off very quickly and remove the blackheads.  You will get immediate result.  But do not satisfy with that.  For getting long term benefit, try out from any of the above said methods to get the long term results.

Do’s and Don’ts of treating Blackheads

Now, let us move on to the dos and don’ts when it comes to blackheads removal. Do not remove the blackheads with your hand.  This will worsen the situation and will get spread quickly on the face. Not only this, but do not use any tools to remove this.  This is not warranted and the result of this (using tools) will go out of your control, and will be more complicated. Do not use any unbranded items on the face to remove blackheads.  Skin will be irritated and resolving will take longer time. Do not sleep in the dirty pillows. Wash the pillows neatly and keep it cleanly and then go for sleep.  Dirt will allow blackheads to spread and there will be no result for all the above treatment. Do not keep on touching your face (blackheads spots) with your hand.  There will be temptation to do so, but you should know that by doing like this, again, skin will be irritated. Do not take any pills (medicines) without consulting your dermatologist.

None of the above mentioned natural or home remedies do not work then please do not hesitate to try this effective cure point. And last, but definitely, not the least, do make an appointment with your dermatologist. You can try any of the methods mentioned above, but after trying wait for the result.  It may take several months.  Because, all the above methods are giving long term results, hence, you’ll have to allow getting the positive result. However, in a very rare case, if the problem doesn’t solve in spite of your good effort (after following the above natural cure), you need to consult your dermatologist.  In this case, you should brief the whole history and ask his advice how to follow other method.


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