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  • Know the reason behind the doping on the cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain!!!

Know the reason behind the doping on the cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain!!!

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Clenbutrol is one of the popular and fast acting drugs, which is taken by most of the individuals during their cutting cycles. This is popularly known as Clen. This is a substance, which is used by the athletes or bodybuilders during their phase of pre-cutting. The users of Spain are supposed to know the legality of the drugs and determine, whether they can be imported into the country or not. When shopping for any product, they must know its cost for buying.

cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain

The cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain has been caught taking Clenbutrol during his sports. As a result to this he has been banned for two years from the sports. It nearly took two years to close this case. His urine sample has been taken during a rest day and the traces of Clenbutrol have been found in it. Clenbutrol is a drug, which is used for treatment of breathing disorders. This has the properties of a muscle relaxant and is an effective bronchodilator.


Being an effective bronchodilator, it poses a number of effects, including an increase in:

  • Ability of the body to metabolize fats
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Ability of the body to transport oxygen and many more.

The property of metabolizing fats of the Clenbutrol makes it a potential aid to weight loss. Also, it is meant to increase muscle mass. Clenbutrol is sometimes used to increase the production of lean meat. This is administered to animals as a bronchodilator. The Clenbutrol is being recommended to a number of individuals in the dosage of 20-60 mcg in a day. The starting dose of the Clenbutrol is 20mcg.

Legality of the Clenbutrol in Spain:

With the light of world anti-doping code, the laws associated with the use of the Clenbutrol have been tightened. This drug is particularly used for the treatment of horses having problems related to the supply of blood in the fattening cattle or in their lungs. The laws of Spain does not permit the use, purchase or sale of the Clenbutrol. There are a number of alternatives to the Clenbutrol available in the market.

The choice of buying Clenbutrol from a place determines the quality of the product as well as the price spent for buying it. This is not an easy task to owe Clenbutrol or any other anabolic androgenic steroid in such strict Spanish laws. The users can buy Clenbutrol in Spain online or from the suppliers selling the products across the world. Some of the genuine providers or suppliers of the Clenbutrol promise their clients to offer Clenbutrol at affordable prices.

The cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain has been found guilty. He has been found taking Clenbutrol. IT was a result of controversy. The users can get it easily transported, if they are planning to buy Clenbutrol for making treatment of horses. Most of the European countries have clear laws associated with the import of the Clenbutrol or other anabolic androgenic steroids.

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