Problems caused by Acne in Youth

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Acne appears mostly on the face, shoulders, neck, chest and back.  You need to handle the treatment in a very careful way and more patience is required to get the result.  When one acne started disappearing, another one will be developed.  Normally it develops for the persons who are having oily facings.  Incidentally teenagers are most affected persons; hence this is becoming more sensitive.  They, obviously, want to get rid of acne at the most earliest and want to spend any amount of money.  Due to this many unauthorized treatments started growing without any positive results.

The main thing required to get rid of this is ‘patience’ and ‘confidence in the ‘true treatment’.  This is little painful also. There is a medical treatment available for this.  Many people prefer for this due to having the fear of getting scarring.  Actually it differs from person to person purely depending upon the health condition of the individual.

There are reasons on the causes of this. Develop the spreading of bacteria; dead skin cells shedding which will lead to irritation of the hair follicles of skin, and, lastly, unduly formation of excess oil. All the above mentioned three reasons can be tackled internally by regular diet, cleaning the face, keep the hands neatly.  However, apart from the protection suggested, if this appeared, then you can go for treatment.

Diet and Treatment to be undertaken for Acne

As far as diet is concern, it is found that certain dairy products, which are having high carbohydrate like, bread, chips, bagels, will induce acne.  Hence either these to be avoided or to consume very minimum. Keeping the hands clean, it is to be noticed that actually, acne is not formed out of dirt, but dirt will aggravate acne, hence it is absolutely necessary to be very careful in maintaining cleanliness always.

There are other points to be noted well:  It might be hereditary also. If the skin is pressurized due to using cellphone or telephone, tight dresses, tight collars, then the4re are definite chances to get this. (3) Stress will aggravate acne, but it is not direct reason. Regarding treatment, first try it out sincerely the home based treatment.  If the result is not encouraging and you are not getting positive result, then go to the doctor and explain the situation.  This is the second step.  If the doctor is also not able to do this, then, he’ll advise you to go to the specialist.  This is the ultimate step. However, when approaching the doctor it is better to get to know all your doubts at one stroke, so that you don’t have to change anything on your own.  Questions you can raise as below:

What are the medicines to take and, how much dosage per day, and, how long to take the medicines. If the result is not happening what is the next step. Possibility of getting side effect and methods to avoid. Diet regulation and regular exercises are to be followed. Any change in using regular soaps, lotions, hair oil, makes up items. Now, it is time for direct treatment.  OTC lotions are normally mild.  However, while applying some may feel that the skin is irritated, or dryness.  But after first month, these reasons will disappear.

You can go as per the prescription, and, this will be the professional way. If the acne is severe then, you may have to take antibiotics.  But, for taking antibiotics, you must follow strict instruction of the doctor. Hence, it is to be well noted that depending upon the condition of acne, the treatment is available for all type of people.  But patience is highly required to get rid of this.


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