What are Blackheads and why do we get it?

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Blackheads are a form of facial problem that can occur in any kind of people varying across ages. There is no specific age to develop blackheads, though it becomes an extreme embarrassment for teenagers who are forever conscious about their beauty. There are some stories where it is said that blackheads can appear in case of hormonal problems or hormonal imbalance occurring during periods of menstruation or puberty. Many people also believe that if the skin is not cleaned properly, more blackheads can develop and thus turn into the scarier and tougher acne. But doctors, scientists and researchers absolutely deny this and declare these stories as nothing but myths.

So far, we saw the general facts and myths about blackheads. But to get a clear understanding on how we get blackheads will help us get rid of it better. The scientific name for blackheads is ‘comedo’, and despite their common name, they could either be black or yellow in color. The entire surface of our skin is covered by hair follicles; they are active in some areas and inactive in others. Sometimes, it so happens that the hair follicles on our nose could widen due to various reasons which will be discussed later. When the hair follicle is widened, it becomes exposed to the outer atmosphere and filled with dirt from our own skin and oil and dust from our surrounding environment as well. All these together block the follicle openings and give a blackish appearance on the outside thus are giving it its name.

Blackheads are considered to be the early stage of acne. Having seen the scientific explanation about blackheads, it should only be obvious as to how this is possible. When the follicle openings become clogged by dirt, they become prey to invading bacteria, which slowly start entering the pores of the skin, thus forming the tougher opponent, pimple or acne.

How or Why are Blackheads caused?

As opposed to the myths passed on by people, blackheads can affect people with any type of skin, but a little predominant in oily skin types. In case of people with oily skin, blackheads are said to be caused due to over production of oil, which is at its peak before, during or after puberty. One might wonder as to why there is a sudden surge in oil production. This is because the spiked up hormone, dihydrotestosterone, and the puberty hormone triggers the oil production and hyper activates it, which ultimately gives rise to blackheads and then acne problems. Now, let us delve deeper into the root causes of blackhead formation.

Skin hygiene seems to top the list in case of concerns for blackhead development. It is only natural to believe that if the skin is not cleaned properly, it can clear the path for blackheads and other facial problems as well; while others say that washing your face every day or frequent washing is not going to help to prevent blackheads.

Although our parents and grandparents insist on telling their kids that chocolates, chips and other of their favorite greasy and fast foods (secretly maybe to encourage kids to develop good eating habits at least in this way), it is again a myth. Studies show that though there could be no link between food habits and blackheads or acne, they do thing that dairy products might have some amount of influence. However, stress or anxiety has nothing whatsoever to do with creating blackheads or acnes.

In short, people should have a basic knowledge on the dos and don’ts in hygiene and health care so that they don’t later on regret their neglect on areas of health and hygiene.


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