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What Ingredients Are Included in Your Anti-ageing Lotions or Serums?

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  • 6 Years ago
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One of the ingredients that is used for toning, or is found in toning lotions, is Aloe vera. In fact, some people have called it the elixir of youth. This ingredient, which was well-regarded by ancient civilisations, has been depicted on the walls of the tombs of pharaohs. It is said that the famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, used Aloe vera to smooth her skin.


The Aloe plant, from which Aloe vera is derived, displays fleshy and spiky leaves. Within the leaves of the succulent is a gel, which contains vitamins, minerals, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and polysaccharides. With all these supportive ingredients, it is not surprising that Aloe is used in toning lotions to give the skin a flawless and ageless appearance.

A Youth-enhancing Additive

When you shop skincare products online in Malaysia, you want to take note of products that contain this youth-enhancing additive. By using a lotion or cream that contains Aloe vera, you will realise softer and firmer skin. Besides its use for toning, Aloe also is known to moisturise skin and minimise scars. It is also used for relieving sunburn. This powerful ingredient should be strongly considered when you are making a selection of age-defying creams and lotions.

Choosing a Lifting Serum

If you are seeking a lift serum, you will want to find one that contains three primary extracts. These extracts are guarana, zerumbet ginger and kaki. These ingredients are recommended because they reduce the look of puffiness around the eyes and firm the facial profile, thereby contouring the face so it appears slimmer.

If you choose a lift serum with these ingredients in it, you will be impressed with the results – results that highlight a lifted jawline and refined cheekbones. A lift serum with these ingredients not only lifts the skin but also makes the skin feel moisturised and soft.

How to Apply a Lift Serum

To apply a lift serum, use a gentle touch. Use the serum day and night for the best results. To optimise the serum’s use, follow its application with a daily serum or a day or night moisturising cream. It is also helpful to perform the following lifting technique:

  • Sit down, placing your elbows on your knees
  • Place your head down and cover the palms of your hands over your eyes for 30 seconds.

Always Review the Ingredients of the Skin Products You Buy

By using lotions and serums with pure ingredients and staying away from artificial chemicals, you can keep your skin smooth and noticeably wrinkle-free. Therefore, carefully review the ingredients of the anti-ageing lotions or serums you buy. Just because a product touts its anti-ageing qualities does not mean it is the best solution. Reading the ingredient listing will help you decide which products are best for your skin type.

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