What does most of the bodybuilding websites recommend??

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Anadrol is one of the most powerful steroids that are commonly used to kick start strength as well as muscle gains. This steroid is suggested to be used for a shorter period of time. An Anadrol cycle is developed by most of the athletes and bodybuilders, who are desired to accelerate and make improvement in their growth efforts. Anadrol is stacked with other substances, so as to increase its benefits and minimize its side effects.

Most of the most bodybuilding websites recommend that the use of Anadrol must not be made by the women. The individuals must collect detailed information about the Anadrol, before starting its intake. This is considered as a perfect choice for the bodybuilders, who quickly want to gain mass. It is believed that the side effects, benefits and the cycle of Anadrol can be affected by the dosage or the frequency of dosage of the cycle. Apart from its benefits of increasing muscle growth and mass, there are several side effects of the Anadrol that outweigh its benefits.

The users, who want to develop a cycle, will find a number of suggestions on bodybuilding message boards or the websites. Also, the users can get recommendations from the Google searches or by the steroid suppliers. The Anadrol cycle for six weeks will be as follows:

  • Week 1 to 3, approximately 50 mg a day
  • Week 4 to 6, approximately 75 mg a day

It is believed that the users can get best results on taking the steroids at a lower dosage. The users must start with a dosage of 25mg a day, see its reactions for the first three weeks and increase the dosage gradually. Some of the bodybuilders tend to take 100mg in a day. Some of the users are of the belief that extending the cycle beyond six weeks may reduce their possibilities of side effects. It is a matter of fact that the reaction of Anadrol on every individual is different.

This has been already told that the cycles can include some other substances. The development of a cycle will depend upon the desires and goals of a user. Anadrol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Anadrol 50 is the most widely used form of the Anadrol. This has milligram strength of 50mg in the form of tablet. It has been classified as a controlled substance. The use of Anadrol has been banned by the world Anti-doping agency, as it has moderate potential of misuse or abuse.

Most of the bodybuilding websites recommend the use of Anadrol 50 alone or often stacked with other substances for accelerating and enhancing the benefits. The beginners may start intake of Anadrol with the lowest dosage. There are several other bodybuilders, who take more than double dosage or triple dosage. It is suggested to be taken under the supervision of a doctor. IT can provide a number of benefits to its users. The use of Anadrol without any prescription and recommendation of a doctor may increase the possibilities of its side effects.

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