Alternative Treatment Solutions for Autism to Consider

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As research into cannabis continues apace, attention has turned to certain medicinal cannabis strains which are thought to offer benefit in the treatment of autism. Increasingly, parents of kids who suffer from the worst symptoms of autism are turning to unconventional treatments, such as certain cannabis strains, in the hope it can radically change their child’s quality of life and long-term outlook. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence which suggests that using cannabis for epilepsy has been beneficial for many sufferers. Although, these anecdotalstories which boast great success are not backed up with verifiable clinical research which explains the links between cannabis and autism, according to

There is a recently released study which has offered hope. Sufferers of autism often experience symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive and violent outbursts
  • Extreme panic
  • Rage
  • Self-Harm

Dr. Daniele Smith, a prominent autism researcher who has focussed on the benefits cannabis can provide, has identified that there are certain chemicals within cannabis that may in fact improve the behavioural problems seen within autistic patients. More research like this is needed to help autism sufferers access cannabis as a treatment source, since many doctors are unlikely to prescribe their patients cannabis without any scientific backup. This has led to many sufferers’self-prescribing, and often wrong doses are administered, which can do more than good. This is why the scientific community need to take this more seriously.

Dr Smith said, “Low doses can be therapeutic for many autism sufferers, but high doses can result in bad news and unintended consequence for many”. Since there are more than 100 different compounds in cannabis, the effects each chemical has on the user’s body cannot be predicted. Drugs are often considered safer, as there are normally only one or two different compounds which can be accurately managed and controlled. Without research, nobody will know which one of these 100 different compounds in cannabis produces the therapeutic benefit. This is why more research is required.

While we have seen anecdotal success with cannabis, this needs to be replicated in a scientific environment so that cannabis is more widely given as a treatment solution for those who have the worst symptoms of autism. This can only be achieved with an increase in funding and more attention and research being conducted on cannabis as a treatment solution. It is certainly worth doing this research, as there could be many potential benefits for autism sufferers, with many life changing consequences for many millions of people around the world.

For more information on the best strains to use for Autism, check out

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