From Single Celled Organisms To The Most Dominant Species

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From Single Celled Organisms To The Most Dominant Species


Evolution, the hallmark of our human race. Something that is inevitable as the very air we breathe. We cannot escape it or can we deny it. No one can avoid the power of evolution and what changes it forces us to believe. Take the human race for example. We were single celled organisms from the sea, crawled our way to the shore and became the most dominant species on the planet. The domination has become such an egotistical endeavour, that we have begun to influence other species to almost full extinction.

The population of the human race has bypassed the laws of evolution and become almost the only species on the earth that will cause the entire planet to be exhausted in its resources completely. Simply put we have spread our territories to the utmost corners of the world and crushed every other species in our path to oblivion.

medical forums

Having said that, our bodies have undergone a lot of changes in the path of evolution. From crawling out of the sea and becoming bipeds, changes have become a part of our evolutionary nature, to which even our bodies have become accustomed to. With such changes however, comes different issues and problems. That is the axiom of change. These changes manifest itself into what we now call as diseases and plagues that affect the entire human race in today’s world.

There still has not been a cure or solution found for some of these common diseases such as prostate cancer, despite we being the most dominant species on the planet, there is little to be said about our mastery over diseases and the treat of them to our species.

Cancerous Damnation

Cells are the stuff of life and the very basis of life. Without the process of the formation of cells and their biological process of cell division, nothing living could exist in this world. Cells divide, they form tissue, tissues form muscle, muscles form organs, and organs build our human bodies. Without this process, there would be no humans. But this process got corrupted somehow and caused cancer, no one really knows why, medical forums discuss it at length, but there is no real useful hypothesis, although there are propensity indicators.


Evolution has taught us that a species after reaching its pinnacle, nature will restore balance to even out everything. Maybe cancer is the answer to that.

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