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Hackensack Acupuncture & Herbs is one of the leading and top rated acupuncture clinics in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. It has the several numbers of holistic healing methods and treatments with the help of the well practiced and highly experienced oriental medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. They are also specialists in offering the 8 constitution medicine as per the body type and constitution of the every individual person.

Reasons to choose the Hackensack Acupuncture:

Once you have decided to choose the Hackensack Acupuncture clinic for all your pain relief or other treatment options, you can definitely enjoy the several numbers of benefits from the traditional oriental medicine. In many different treatment conditions here at this clinic, the acupuncture has actually been shown to be effective to get the effective results from your chronic pain and all.

It is also providing the quick relief from the different health issues such as digestive issues, emotional disorders and also the pain mainly because of the different chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. The acupuncture treatments given at this platform are also very helpful to reduce the fatigue, addiction recovery and also provide the several health benefits to get the overall wellness. As a leader in the oriental medicine, the practitioners in this Hackensack Acupuncture clinic are usually offering the various acupuncture therapies along with the constitutional treatment. They offer the traditional Chinese medicine techniques according to the health conditions or pains of the patients.

Considerable new types of acupuncture treatments:

This acupuncture clinic is specialist in providing the 8 constitution medicine treatment, Korean acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture and also the traditional acupuncture treatments. Besides all these basic acupuncture treatments, this clinic also provides the several other types of the special acupuncture treatment options which you never ever find in any other acupuncture clinic. They include,

  • Trigger point acupuncture – The trigger point acupuncture is a completely modern technique combining the western physical medicine with the traditional Chinese medicine. By finding the trigger points or knots on the muscular tightness, the practitioners will provide the proper treatment and solution in this acupuncture method.
  • Auricular acupuncture – Auricular acupuncture is also known as the ear acupuncture which targets the points on the outer part of the ear. For this treatment, the acupuncturists are using the electro acupunctoscopes or needles to help relieve the problems of the patients.
  • 5-element acupuncture – It is an ancient method of acupuncture treatment in order to treat the mind, heart, body and also spirit of the humans by controlling the five important elements such as water, fire, earth, metal and wood.

All these acupuncture treatment methods are good and satisfied in this Hackensack Acupuncture clinic in NJ.

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