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Eight constitution medicine is not used to differentiate between a people’s appearance, race, intellect or lineage. The sole purpose is to set people apart based on their individuality, their unique traits. Understanding a person’s individuality usually helps the individual make choices that are based on their individuality rather than the norm. Individuals are classified into eight constitutions and this is why we are using the eight constitutional medicine.

Diet of the different individuals

Because of the different organ challenges faced by the individuals described by the eight constitution medicine, these individuals react differently to different diets. There are specific foods these individuals react to. For example, hepatonias react to fish got from the sea and dark chocolate. Cholecystonias on the other hand are highly affected after the consumption of shell fish, eggplant and some fruits. Each of these individuals should to be treated based on the strength of their organs and dietary requirements rather than using the same treatment because the results will be different.


The eight constitution medicine describes the different personalities in the eight constitutions. These individuals have different strengths and weaknesses. Their emotional health is not the same and this sometimes affects their physical health. Understanding a person’s personality will help explain their health situation and eventually help when it comes to determining which treatment regimen to follow.

Strength of organs

The eight constitution medicine focuses on the strengths of the different organs. Some individuals are born with weak organs. If someone has weak kidneys, you cannot give them the same medication as someone who has strong kidneys. The constitution of each individual determines the kind of treatment they will be exposed to. Use of harsh treatment on weak organs will only make them weaker.

Exercise recommendations

We are always told exercise is good for our health, which is true. However different individuals will respond different to different exercise regimens. Pushing everyone to hike the mountain, for example is counterproductive if some of the individuals would have gotten the exercise joyfully if they had gone swimming. Understanding each individual and recommending exercise they enjoy and one that will have greater impact is more beneficial that using the same exercise recommendation on everyone.

Use of herbal medication

Many people talk about the impact of herbal medicine and more people are trying this out instead of using contemporary medicine. Although herbs actually work, it also works differently on different individuals. It is important to understand the physical make up of an individual so as to recommend the most effective herb. When this is not done, you will find many people saying that herbal medicine does not work. Often herbs are marketed as medication that has no side effects. It can however have adverse effects if they are not used based on the recommendations of the eight constitution medicine.

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