What Is A Gait Belt And How Is It Used?

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What Is A Gait Belt And How Is It Used

A gait belt is a standard belt used for physical therapy. It tends to use a vertical lifting technique that helps to transfer people from one position to another. A gait belt is highly beneficial for moving people who have problems when it comes to balancing them or they feel too weak to stand or walk by themselves.

So, when an individual is wearing a gait belt, he or she can be transferred to another individual who has to grip the belt, which reduces the risk of falling. Basically, this belt is designed from materials like cotton webbing, leather, canvas or even nylon, along with a sturdy metal buckle at one end. The belt can be approximately one and a half to 4 inches and 54 to 60 inches long.

Is there another alternative besides a gait belt?

A standardized gait belt is quite functional but is no longer considered to be the best options in the market. There are several vests available that are known for lifting and transferring using the horizontal lift when compared to the conventional vertical lift. This lifting method tends to make the transfer much safer. Additionally; the vest also has a waist belt, knee belt as well as handles, that provides you with several options and safer lifts and transfers

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Difference between Horizontal Lift and a Vertical Lift

Well, there are 2 main benefits that come with the horizontal transferring techniques. The first one is that it has decreased the risk of causing some skin tear or brushing for the person who is being lifted. The second one is that there are fewer risks of problems like strains, back injuries for the individual who is assisting with the transfer.

As the gait belt is used generally and frequently during the physical therapy, people somehow fail to recognize the additional applications comes with it. These belts are great for physical therapy and transfers from a wheelchair to the car, it also an ideal product for the caregivers at home or even when out in the community.

In addition to this- the lifts and transfer are very easy and helpful for moving the individuals who are suffering some sort of injuries. Falls are the primary reason that causes you both non-fatal and fatal injuries, especially when talking about older adults. According to a research, a senior fall once in every 7 seconds, as this year alone there were as many as 13 million elderly people fell somehow. So, in such cases getting them moved them moved safely after the fall is one of the most important keys to a successful recovery.

 Always talk to your physician, nurse or pharmacists before following any sort of medical regimen to see if it is effective and safe for you.

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