Study of poison ivy and its scientific uses

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Study of poison ivy and its scientific uses

Poison ivy is three classy leaflets it appears green in summer yellow-orange in fog in and orange in is found in southern and Northern part of united states.Poison ivy is the only one that always has three leaves these leaves are very simple, smooth. They’re shiny with smooth or slightly notched edges. Hence, you can get information more on this here at

What isthe chemistry of poison ivy?

Poison ivy is a chemical compound known as URUSHIOL. This is absorbed by the skin in inner layer when your skin gets contact with it.  Urushiol begins to stick within minutes because it just likes fluid.

How poison ivy affect your body?

If you know you’ve made contact with poison ivy, then you wash the area with cold-warm water and soap as soon as possible. If there’s no water, rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes can remove it. Keep the area cool, dry, and clean. Wash your clothes and clean your boots shoes or any tool which gets in contact with you is also washed soon.Urushiol is basicallyin the texture of oil which easily absorbed by your skin and hence the rash is caused. It spread rapidly in 10 minutes.

  • It causes reaction whenever you can breathe this compound. So it causesa severe allergic reaction
  • Stain power of oil is too strong. it can’t diminish after wash

more on this here

How to deal when contact with these plants?

  • Whenever you get in contact with poison ivy you need to wash everything including your boots bags etc.
  • Some time poison ivy doesn’t go just after taking bath. it appears sometimes 24 hours when you exposed in poison ivy.
  • The rash does not often spread from person to person. sometimes this looks your skin blister and rashly
  • The fluid may remain for a long time on clothing, pets, tools, shoes, and other surfaces. You may have some rashes in the future if these items are in contact and not cleaned well. So you should wash them many times in a gentle way.
  • Keep your garden and lawn clean and free from these toxic plants because the burning of these plants also cause irritation and affect your lungs.

What are home remedies for killing poison ivy effect?

  • Wash your skin with mild soap and cold water. Keep it clean, dry, and cool. Cool compresses or baths with baking soda also give relief. Don’t scratch. It won’t spread the rash, but sometimes it causes scars or infection. Your doctor may suggest other treatments for your
  • Researchers found avenanthramides is a polyphonic chemical which actsanti-inflammatory effect. It is basically present in oatmeal
  • Wash your pets. Some pets also get the reaction of poison ivy so uses bathing gloves during the

Once a rash appears in a small area or it might be spread then use Calamine lotion, diphenhydramine, or hydrocortisone can help control itching. or oatmeal can also soothe the rash.

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