The 3 Types Of Hybrid Strains

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Dungeons Vault Genetics

Cannabis can be referred to as the entire part of the plant dried and used for medicinal purposes. It’s a plant that has a rich THC content that has a mind-altering effect. It has 2 known strains, mainly sativa and indica. But there is a new one into the mix and that is called a hybrid. Basically, a hybrid is a mix of both sativa and indica strain. There are three known variations of the hybrid strain and that is the sativa dominant strain, the indica dominant strain and the strain that has an even distribution of both.

It’s important for you to know these types of strains in order for you to be able to know more what is the best one that you should take (if you consider taking hybrid that is). By knowing these types of hybrids you will be able to identify which would best fit you. Keep in mind the hybrid that has a dominant strain will inherit its effects and more. The dominant strain and the non-dominant train creates a plant that is unique in terms of flavor, shape, size, color to even the experience. 

Sativa strain: Sativa are a true mark of a person that knows their marijuana. Because once you tried out various marijuanas in your life you will realize that not all of them are downers. Some can actually invigorate you like the feeling of engulfing an espresso to make you awake instantaneously, that is what sativa is all about. Think of the things that nootropics can do to you, sativa can. But just like any marijuana intake, it has to be just right. 

Dungeons Vault Genetics

Indica strain: The indica strain is the calming one that is often known by most people as a downer. It helps anyone become relaxed and mellow. Do you know why there are people that use weed that is very “chill” so to speak? It’s because of indica. This will calm you down, helps you relax and make you a very cool person. Whether you got some anger management issues, have an anxiety disorder or you can’t sleep an indica is the solution. 

The best of both worlds: The final hybrid has the perfect percentage of both indica and sativa and has both its effects. It might confuse you since both sativa and indica has some very contradicting effects. But once you see these types you will realize that the effects actually compliment each other. You can be invigorated and active even if you’re so chill. You won’t be depressed too much, its just right to give you that relaxing feeling to calm the nerves while still able to do your ADL (activities of daily living).

Hybrid strains are very popular because they offer something that is unique in terms of experience. If you know your weed all too well you will recognize its traits right away. If you’re still new in exploring hybrids you will realize that it has 3 types of variations of classifications. This is sativa dominant hybrids, indica dominant hybrids and the one that has a good mix of both. If you wish to purchase one, check out Dungeons Vault Genetics.

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