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There are dentists and orthodontist who are willing to serve you with the most customer service and quality. For many people it gets important to know that there is a difference between the dentist and orthodontist, a dentist is a medical professional who is trained in keeping care of your oral health but orthodontist, on the other hand, is a trained to take care of braces and surgeries that relate to jaw correction. An orthodontist is trained for almost three years in addition to the degree a dentist keeps.

It is due to the crooked or not proper alignment of your teeth that you might bring you pain and discomfort these are serious oral health issues that are required to be taken care by the professional of the field who happens to be an orthodontist. These crooked or misaligned teeth can create serious issues for you that involves having bone destruction, jaw lock, headaches, speech issues or continuous pain around your nose, eyes, in the teeth or if the condition worsens it can affect your important nerve that controls different but important functions of your daily work.

Why is the clinic best for your oral health checkup?

They use the advanced technologies that include the laser treatment to bring you the comfort and efficiency in the treatment. A light beam can vaporize the matter allowing for precise control, seals nerve endings and stops bleeding.

Impression- free imaging: By the use of this technology an orthodontist and dentist can make diagnoses and plans for the treatment with the use of the 3D model and analyses things in real time.


You can always request to get your appointment easily by clicking the option of request appointment that is available on the site where you will be asked to fill in some columns that include the basic selection of the office where you can present yourself and you can select from the option of Marietta, Cumming, Kennesaw and Lawrenceville. Fill in your name, contact information, an email address where the team member from the office might contact you, date and time that suits you and in the message column you can fill in your health issue and anything that you are willing to go through the team. Besides having to follow this option you can opt for the direct contact option and book your appointment easily.

The dentists make sure that you are getting the best service for your oral health with a comfortable friendly service. They ensure that the kids are feeling comfortable with the dentist and the work they do with the teeth and maintenance of your oral health. Book your appointment at any time to get the best service.

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