Treating Mental Health Issues

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Renewal Behavioral Health

Dreams help your human consciousness to become smarter and able to deal with the absurdity of your anti-consciousness. All mental health problems are caused by a fight against conscience, which is absurd and evil. This is your second consciousness, which remains in a primitive state, because you do not want to learn something new. This is an idiotic and self-destructive conscience. Its distorted character is the tragic result of numerous disappointments and setbacks.

You inherit anti-consciousness because without it you cannot think.

Your consciousness must be able to understand the difference between good or bad in order to function. Both are part of your reality. However, understanding what is bad has a negative effect. It made your anti-conscience give preference to what’s bad. Your idiotic human conscience also tends to give preference to what is bad.

Being evil, he seems to find an easier way to get what he wants, without the hassle he would have to deal with if he were honest. You do not understand that the bad is getting worse in the future. The positive results that you seem to get when you are angry always have many negative consequences in the future.

Renewal Behavioral Health

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Your human conscience understands that you often have to sacrifice in order to learn something or achieve a specific goal. You must learn, and you must work. Your human consciousness accepts the need to suffer for a certain period of time with the intention of becoming a better person and attaining a higher level of knowledge.

However, his conscience continues to try to force him to abandon his plans and rest. Your ridiculous and evil anti-conscience does not allow you to develop. Keep trying to force yourself to accept what is bad so that you have the opportunity to cause a mental illness in your mind. Thus, your conscience will be able to control your behavior, and not be tamed by a human conscience. The main intention of your anti-conscience is to always deceive your conscience. It is simply designed to help you solve your problems in a more profitable way. When you have traumatic experiences in life, your anti-consciousness has the ability to send you many absurd suggestions with the alleged intention of helping you easily solve your problems at Renewal Behavioral Health.


All mental illnesses begin with neurosis, or rather, depression, and then neurosis. Mental illnesses have many variations, but their initial form is always the same. The process, accompanied by the struggle against consciousness for the destruction of your human consciousness, can be predicted in addition to its changes.

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