What Are The Ways Of Heel Pain Treatment Singapore?

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Heel Pain Treatment Singapore

Heel pain is a common problem faced by the majority of the people who tend to wear shoes or sandals for a longer duration. Some people might feel this pain even after wearing the shoes for only a short period. There are various reasons why this problem occurs in the first place and if you are someone who has to deal with this issue as well, then there is also an option of heel pain treatment singapore which will help you get rid of the pain easily.

What is heel pain?

Heel pain refers to the pain that occurs under the heel or sometimes, a little behind it. The pain that one feels under the heel is called plantar fasciitis and it is also the type of heel pain that is the most frequently observed by a large number of people. There can be various reasons for the pain to occur but if it is overlooked for a long time and the person continues to wear the same shoes even after experiencing a high discomfort and extreme pain then this problem can increase gradually and turn into a serious condition requiring treatment.

Heel Pain Treatment Singapore

What are the main causes of experiencing heel pain?

The main reason for experiencing heel pain is the extreme pressure in the heel area which can increase if you do not wear comfortable shoes or stay on your feet for long durations regularly. The chances of someone experiencing heel pain increases if they are athletic since they run more frequently and stay on their feet for a high amount of time. It can also increase if someone is overweight or obese as their feet have to carry a high amount of weight which increases the pressure on the heel area. Some people with a different foot structure can also experience this as the shoes are not meant specifically for them. This includes people with high arches, flat feet, etc.

How can you get heel pain treatment?

If you want to get heel pain treatment singapore then the most effective way is to get your shoes replaced with the specialized ones. Many brands manufacture shoes with distinct structures which make them perfect for you. Shoes with a heel cup should be preferred as they can reduce heel pain by providing high ankle stability. You can also use pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing drugs to help with the pain further. Some foot exercises and regular physiotherapy can reduce pain effectively. One can also try making an ice pack and applying it on the affected area for at least 20 mins for treating the pain.

With this treatment, you can easily get rid of heel pain and stay comfortable!

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