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The clinic, a medical service that offers a diagnostic, therapy or outpatient service. Normally, the term includes the entire medical lesson, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. Medical care provided by a clinic can be connected to a hospital or not.

 Global clinics can be used to assign all activities of a polyclinic or only one particular working department – e.g. B. mental clinic, nerve clinic or surgical clinic art. If connected to the hospital, the entire operation is often referred to as outpatient departments, and specific divisions can be referred to as a clinic.

What in particular can you find in clinics?

In many clinic near by, in particular in the countries without national health insurance programs, the care is only available for strict medical conditions and does not calculate any professional fees. However, all such clinics recharge small registration when the patient is capable of financial payment; The income from these fees help to pay operating costs. Some successful efforts have been made to pay the hospital clinic to expand care for patients. Most of these efforts were in the range of low-income groups, although some hospitals with no boundaries are included in the income to determine the qualifications supply. In contrast to hospital clinics, where it has been its greatest growth in the cities, public health clinics are mainly placed in smaller cities and villages.  There is a trend of founding travel clinics like dental clinics for students.

Normally, free to serve in public health clinics, and no income restrictions are applied to many medical conditions. Some are operated with hospitals, but most clinics use public buildings or spaces provided by prosperity and other social agencies. Financial support is mainly accepted from the same source. Organize a hospital clinic in general after offering bikes.  Hospital clinics are related, especially in acute diseases, and the doctors in clinics are often similar to treating physicians boarding patients in hospitals. In the late 1800s, the modern concept of a hospital began to form. During this time, some medical schools for ambulances for teaching and charitable purposes opened on the affiliated hospitals. The benefits of care for ambulances near the hospital base became clear, so hospital clinics came quickly.

Benefits of Health Services Group, with facilities and technical staff beyond the possibilities of a personal student and benefit of group consulting, has promoted the establishment of salary clinics or privately.

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