How to Find and Buy Delta-8 Products?

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delta-8 gummies

A drug called DELTA-8 has just been approved by the FDA. DELTA-8 is the first treatment of its kind to be approved for use in the United States, and many patients are excited at its possibility to provide relief for this debilitating disease and you can buy Delta-8 online legally.

However, not everyone agrees that it should have passed through trials so quickly. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) stands behind its decision to fast-track development, saying that if it were not approved soon, then many more lives would be affected by addiction than already are. NIDA also reports that evidence suggests that people who try smoking marijuana occasionally are five times as likely to succeed in quitting cigarette smoking compared with those who never tried cannabis. More information can be found in today’s edition of the Boston Globe.

Delta 8 online

Delta 8 online is a clear, colorless liquid that can be vaporized and inhaled. It has been found to lessen cravings for food by acting on the same centers of the brain as marijuana, though it does not contain any THC, the compound which produces psychoactive effects in users. The drug is taken twice daily and can reduce caloric intake by 30% after one month due to its strong effect on satiety hormones. Early studies also show that patients had reduced blood pressure after using DELTA-8 for just two weeks, making it an effective treatment option for obesity as well as addiction. DELTA-8 will come with detailed instructions on how to safely use the drug when it becomes available to the public in less than a month.

FDA approves DELTA-8 for obesity and smoking cessation treatment

On June 12th, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug called DELTA-8 for use by patients who suffer from both smoking cessation and obesity. The drug is a clear liquid that can be vaporized, inhaled, and then absorbed through the thin mucus linings of the lungs into the bloodstream. In clinical trials, patients using this drug have experienced significant weight loss after just one month of treatment, due largely to their reduced caloric intake which was brought about by strong effects on satiety hormones. The reduction of blood pressure seen in early trials also makes this a promising treatment option for obesity and may work in tandem with other medications to treat hypertension. When asked about the FDA’s approval of this drug, NIDA director Nora Volkow was quoted as saying “We understand that many people who try marijuana do so in order to quit smoking cigarettes. By fast-tracking this treatment, we hope to give patients an additional tool in their arsenal against addiction and obesity.” DELTA-8 will be available by prescription starting in less than a month.

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