Know how to get relief from a headache

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Having severe headaches frequently, don’t worry that you are the one person who gets headaches often but there are many people along with you and are getting treated at ATLAS. Nine out of ten people throughout the world suffer from headaches and neck pain. But everyone has the same type and frequency of pain. Few have mild pain whereas others have moderate and severe.


SomeĀ  relief after taking medication and few get relief if they have a sound sleep and some people clench their teeth and so on. There are various types of headaches and it is said that for a few types of headaches, consulting the head and neck chiropractor is the best solution and it helps in reducing headaches gradually without any problem. Not always headaches just occur due to stress or spending more time watching tv, or going outside in the bright sun or getting drained in heavy rains. But even eating some foods for some people can cause headaches.

There are many types of headaches and even the location of pain in the head also differs. Tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches are the types of headaches generally seen in school and college-going children and job holders due to pressures.

Some headaches are also due to the neck. When you overstrain and strain your neck by sitting near a PC for hours, typing on the keyboard, kids playing with mobiles phones bending their necks and putting all the weight of the head on the neck, doing some work which keeps more strain on your neck. All these causes the muscles in the neck to become strained and leads to pressure in the muscles. The strained muscles along with the joints in that area will get inflamed and inflammatory mediators start producing in that particular site. Now, this inflammation leads to producing pain in the neck.

What you can do

When an individual spends more time working near his desk, bending his neck or sitting near sewing machines and stitch dresses, bending their necks and any such work, one needs to take a minute break for every 45 minutes and look in different directions and you need to stretch your neck in all directions possible. Do a little exercise that doesn’t have a heavy impact on the neck and again go back to your seat and continue with your work. This type of break will help anyone get rid of severe headaches and pains. Few people like to clench when they have pain as it gives relaxation to them but this is not at all good because clenching for more time is not natural and it may cause abnormal forces on the TMJ and it may cause permanent damage to TMJ and it is not advisable.

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