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All Essential Points about Various Types of Dental Fractures

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It is likely for all of us to experience dental fractures because of several reasons like biting hard foods, excessive blows to the mouth during a car accident or playing sports, and clenching teeth at night. If you ignore treating this dental issue, you may experience further complex consequences or even lose your natural teeth. As a professional dentist at Emergency Dental Office explains, in contrast with all other broken bones, fractured teeth will never completely heal. Still, several options are available to save your natural teeth for a long time and eliminate the risk of dental infection. The most important point that should be noted is that diagnosing very small dental fractures is not fairly simple, and only professional dentists can use various tools and methods to discover them. Therefore, don’t skip your regular check-ups to enable your experienced and dedicated dentists to quickly diagnose and treat your dental conditions in the initial moments. This useful article provides information about various types of dental fractures and the best ways to deal with them properly.

Different Types of Dental Fractures

Different Types of Dental Fractures

One of the best ways to effectively deal with dental chips and cracks is by identifying their various types. When your professionally-trained dentists immediately determine the type of dental cracks based on your symptoms, they have more chance to save your natural teeth from falling or infection. The following items are the most important types of dental cracks:

Fractured Cusp: In this type of dental crack, the biting surface of your natural teeth will be affected. The teeth with dental filling are more likely to experience fractured cusp. However, this type of dental crack doesn’t cause unbearable pain; never neglect to treat them immediately.

Craze Lines: These mild types of dental fractures only occur on the surface of your teeth and won’t reach deeper parts of your teeth. Craze lines dental fractures are typical without symptoms, and treating them is performed to achieve aesthetic results.

Cracked Tooth: Compared with mentioned types, cracked teeth will severely impact your natural teeth and reach your gum lines. Although professional dentists’ offices are equipped with several high-tech diagnostic tools to determine the exact location of dental cracks, diagnosing some severe types is very challenging. The appropriate treatments to resolve these types of dental fractures vary for several reasons. So there’s no specific restorative recommendation to treat the cracked tooth. Your professional dentists are the only ones who have enough experience and expertise to recommend the most effective solution.

Vertical Root Fractures: Unlike all mentioned types, vertical root fractured will start from the root of your natural teeth then the condition will worsen and reach the surface. This severe dental fracture has no obvious symptoms until your affected teeth get infected. According to experienced and dedicated dental experts, in most cases, the only to manage the condition is by removing the injured teeth.

Split Teeth: The most severe type of dental fracture is split teeth. You may suddenly experience this type of dental crack because of unexpected reasons. However, all professional dentists will try their best to preserve your real teeth. In most cases, they are not successful and should extract entire teeth.

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