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The Traditional Dentistry Method to Replace Missing Teeth

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  • 2 Years ago
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Traditional Dentistry

As everyone knows, losing teeth during childhood is considered a normal process everyone experiences as a typical phase. On the other hand, missing permanent teeth is a type of severe dental issue that can put patients’ oral health at extreme risk. Unfortunately, more and more adults have been suffering from this common dental issue worldwide. Several reasons can cause tooth loss, such as gum diseases, decay, and cavities, and also you may lose your teeth due to unexpected events like car accidents or contact sports. Finding an exceptional way to replace missing teeth is a big concern for those with one or a set of missing teeth in their mouth. One suitable replacement for missing teeth is dentures that can help you eliminate all drawbacks of tooth loss. According to a dedicated dental specialist working at a denture clinic in Vancouver, those who have lost several natural teeth can opt for dentures as the top tooth replacement method. Before choosing this method to replace your missing teeth, you should be aware of several considerations.

Traditional Dentistry

How Do Dentures Work for You?

In general, dentures refer to the artificial teeth and gums custom-made for individuals to replace lost or removed permanent teeth. You will realize the importance of replacing missing teeth with dentures when you know the several valuable benefits that you will gain by undergoing this successful procedure. It doesn’t matter if you lost one, several, or all of your natural teeth; dentures have full or partial options to handle your needs properly.

The Valuable Benefits of Wearing Dentures

-Boosting Your Confidence:  The primary thing people notice about you is your smile. Tooth loss is the most important reason preventing you from having a stunning smile. Without an impressive smile, your confidence level will decrease, and as a result, your social life will be affected negatively. Luckily wearing dentures plays an important role in helping you smile more often, and other people perceive you as a more confident person.

Controlling Your Teeth Restoration Expenses: According to countless satisfied patients, dentures are lighter on your pocket among several dentistry solutions for replacing missing teeth. If you have several missing teeth, your professional dentists will restore them with partial dentures, and extra teeth can be attached to your dentures if you lose another tooth. For this reason, dentures are the most cost-effective available option.

High Durability: Dentures are the most convenient dentistry method to replace missing teeth. Your dentures will last a long time before some possible needs arise to change them by taking good oral hygiene.

Simple Procedure: Dentures are the best solution for those who are afraid of surgical procedures because they are not drilled into the jaw like dental implants.

Possible Disadvantages of Wearing Dentures

Typically, it takes longer until you get used to your dentures because they are not permanently fixed to your jawbone, and you should remove them from time to time for perfect cleaning. Chewing difficulties are a possible side effect that may happen in some cases. Handling this problem requires patience and practice. You should start with soft food that is easy to eat until you get used to them and feel comfortable eating solid food.

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