Everything you should know about Autism Singapore

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Everything you should know about Autism Singapore

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that impairs a person’s ability to understand and interact with others. Autism can be affected by a combination of issues that cause brain growth before, during, or after birth. While the cause or combo of causes of autism is unknown, studies suggest a biological link involving the parts of the brain that occurs during the execution and sensory information. Other findings indicate that some chemicals in the brain may be out of balance. In some families, genetic factors may play a role. autism singapore is a developmental disorder that lasts a lifetime.

What are the autism treatments?

There is no single common treatment for autism at the moment. However, there are numerous ways to help minimise symptoms and maximise abilities. When people with autism receive proper therapies and interventions, they have the best possible chance of using all of their skills and abilities. The most effective interventions and treatments are frequently unique to each individual. Most autistic people, however, respond best to properly organized and specialised programmes.

autism singapore

How is autism identified?

Autism could be diagnosed as early as three years of age. Certain forms of autism, however, may not have been diagnosed until a children reach primary school, when the primary presenting problems may be struggling with social interaction and stress. To be diagnosed with autism, a person must exhibit a “triad” of clinical features in the following categories Impaired Socialization, Communication Difficulties, and Impairment in Reasoning Flexibility. Aside from the triad of behaviours that characterise autism, other causes of behaviours frequently associated with the condition include Style of Cognitive Learning, Special Interests in Sensory Medicine, Dislikes and favourites.

How to care for a child with autism?

Autism has no known cure, and the child would have to live with the situation for the rest of his or her life. However, if the child is diagnosed early before the age of three, parents and doctors can intervene early, which may result in a significant improvement in the child’s condition. There are numerous treatment options. These are some examples of there being no medications available to treat autism.


Autistic children can benefit from physical therapy can improve their motor skills, while occupational therapists could help them understand or enhance basic life skills. Some types of treatment may be required at times. Speech therapy, for example, may benefit an autistic child who has difficulty pronouncing words or speaks in a robotic or song-like voice.

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