How effective is chemotherapy for lung cancer?

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chemotherapy for lung cancer

Chemotherapy is a potential savior for people diagnosed with lung cancer. So before you lose hope, read this blog to see- all about chemotherapy for lung cancer. Cancer is a condition where a few cells in our body repeatedly divide, giving rise to tumors. It can be lethal if not treated properly. There was a time when Cancer was one of the diseases having no treatment. But today, you have options such as chemotherapy and surgery to treat cancer.

What is chemotherapy, and how effective is it?

‘Chemo’ here stands for the use of chemicals, and ‘therapy’ refers to a standard treatment procedure. Chemotherapy is the use of a combination of drugs for wheat cancer patients. Drugs used commonly involve Cisplatin in combination with other drugs. Cisplatin is a toxic drug for cancer cells. It exclusively kills tumor cells. It eliminates the chance of Cancer from the body.

One of the effective treatments is chemotherapy for lung cancer. Hair patients take drugs that kill the cancer cell either in pills or intravenously.

chemotherapy for lung cancer

Procedure of chemotherapy

The patient has to visit the doctor. After proper diagnoses such as blood tests and required scanning doctor, the doctor prescribes a drug combination as per the patient’s health condition. These drugs are given either in pills or intravenously to patients. The patient has to take the treatment for 3 to 7 days prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects of chemotherapy

These drugs do have some side effects on the human body. The side effects are mild, but if the situation gets worse, it is suggested to visit the doctor.

  1. Weight loss- weight loss is one of the prominent chemotherapy side effects.
  2. Appetite less Ness- anger tendency of patients is decreased.
  3. weakness- body has to spend a lot of energy to overcome Cancer; hence patient feels a lack of energy
  4. Fatigue- the patient feels tired
  5. Lower immunity toward infections- the patient’s immune system is busy fighting tumor cells.
  6. Diarrhea- common effect on the digestive system
  7. constipation- digestive system is affected due to stirring in the body
  8. Prone to bleeding
  9. Effects Hair growth- hair growth is hampered, and hair fall increases.


The worst thing a patient can do to himself is lost hope. Enough options are available for lung cancer. One of the practical solutions is chemotherapy treatment. We have read about chemotherapy, how it is done, and its possible side effects in this article.

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