How to Get Rid of Bra Fat

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Check out coolsculpting bra fat treatment from Only Aesthetics.

Bra fat, also known as bra bulge, is just as bothersome as the ubiquitous double chin and bulging love handles. Bra fat is that irritating band of chub that forms a fold of skin above the waistband around your back muscles. It is less vilified than other “problem” areas since it is hidden from our perspective and often goes unnoticed.

CoolSculpting is a process that successfully reduces bra fat, allowing garments to fit properly and eliminating the bulge. In no time, CoolSculpting will have you joyously whirling in front of the mirror. Looking for a non-invasive treatment for stubborn bra fats? Check out coolsculpting bra fat treatment from Only Aesthetics.


 Exercises that are aerobic or cardiovascular burn calories and aid in the loss of body fat. Simply get moving by walking, dancing, biking, or riding a bike. If you really want to get serious about cardio, combine it with some form of interval training, such as Tabata intervals or HIIT routines. You won’t be able to lose your bra fat just by jogging or walking.

Reduce Your Salt Consumption

 While salt may appear to be harmless, it can induce quick weight gain and bloat, making your bra fat more visible. More than the recommended daily salt consumption of 2,300 mg can enhance cravings and cause you to eat more than is necessary. Reducing your salt consumption also aids in the removal of excess fluid from your body.

Check out coolsculpting bra fat treatment from Only Aesthetics.

Manage Your Stress

 Cortisol, the stress hormone that contributes significantly to those extra pounds in your bra area, is produced in response to stress. Taking up a yoga class and relishing every second of the Savasana pose will help you reduce your stress levels. Poses that require you to hold your breath can also help develop and tone your back muscles.


 CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body slimming therapy that uses patented cooling technology to freeze stubborn fat pockets and eliminate fat cells in specific places, such as the bra bulge. When dieting and exercise are ineffective in sculpting your back, this treatment can help. When fat cells are exposed to a particular level of cold, they will die.

CoolSculpting is a terrific alternative for people who wish to lose bra fat without having to go under the knife. Individuals who are at or near their desired weight but still have pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise are great candidates for this surgery.

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