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Investing in Singapore’s Dental and Medical Professions

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Health care is one of Singapore’s most vital industries. It should come as no surprise that demand for dental care is rising as the population ages.

Singapore’s lack of dental equipment and services bodes well for the future of dental investment in Singapore.

Southeast Asia’s Investment in Healthcare

Southeast Asia’s current healthcare & dental investment patterns are heavily influenced by digital innovation.

Furthermore, the dentistry sector is undergoing significant change, mainly due to technological adoption, consolidation, and high-quality entry-level systems as a cost-saving technique.

These developments are embraced by Oracare Group, which brings together leading dental offices and equips them with cutting-edge digital solutions, constant process improvement, and rapid adaption to potential treatment standards. White Cloud Capital, a private equity firm, is presently investing in Oracare Group.

Members of the Oracare Group Partnership

In the area, Oracare has partnered with dentists in three distinct nations. Dental business and practices have become increasingly familiar to our brands as they have expanded to 43 clinics in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Health care in the region benefits from our investment.

It includes a list of the clinics that we currently work with:


Dentists in other countries

Dentists and hygienists are devoted to providing comprehensive dental treatment by adopting digital dentistry. In Singapore, Expat Dental has two clinics that are both very successful.

Dental Clinic for the Family

A network of Singaporean clinics has been digitally integrated to guarantee that its consumers get the best possible experience. Oracare Group’s first Singaporean partner, The Family Dental, now runs 14 clinics.

Dental and medical supplies from A2Z Dental & Medical

At the Sixteen clinics, we oversee in Singapore, dentists can count on our dental equipment provider to offer them the most up-to-date and cutting-edge dental products and supplies.

Medical Oral Surgeons of America

MOS Dental expanded rapidly from 14 to 26 locations in Thailand after partnering with Oracare Group. Today, MOS Dental is a well-known brand in Thailand.

Dentist’s Office Tawa

Tawa Dental Studio was Oracare Group’s first foray into the Indonesian market, bringing international dentists to run the clinic.

With Oracare Group, you can invest in healthcare.

By combining with both existing and aspiring dental entrepreneurs, we have built a successful regional organization. This regional association and the dentistry industry will benefit if you join us. To know more, you may look over the web.

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