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Master The Elements Of Yoga Through Yoga Teacher Training In Singapore

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Master The Elements Of Yoga Through Yoga Teacher Training In Singapore

Yoga is a way to live. We all know the benefits of yoga in preventing lifestyle diseases and delaying the aging process. Hence, when it comes to learning yoga, we must not leave any chance. If you become a yoga teacher, it is more like a cherry on the cake. Yoga teachers can not only master the elements of yoga for themselves but also spread the knowledge to others and choose health and healing. However, the ones aspiring to be yoga teachers must go through proper training, and yoga teacher training  Singapore is the perfect place for the same. Hence, let us understand how the course works.

What is the training included in the yoga teacher training course?

Yoga teacher training courses must be full-fledged for the aspirants to learn and grab everything keenly. Yoga teachers need to implement the knowledge in the real world to people relying on them. Hence, so must be the training and courses included in the overall session. The yoga training must be such that the students not only know what to do but also why and how to do it. Hence, here is the overall course structure of yoga teacher training Singaporekeeping various aspects in mind.

yoga teacher training singapore

  • Discovery: Discovery is a level-1 course in the yoga teacher training program. Here one can learn about yoga traditions and philosophy. The course also focuses on teaching you the basic anatomy and the proper methods to lead a class. Hence, one can join the discovery course if interested in learning these things.
  • Immersion: Immersion is level-2 of the yoga teacher training course that focuses on lessons on mindful meditation, breathing, and cleansing techniques. Through this course, one can learn everything about yoga asanas from head to toe. Hence, you can join the course with an interest in learning the contents of the program.
  • Lead: Lead is the level-3 course of the yoga teacher training program. It focuses on teaching the students how to lead a yoga class. By joining this course, one can become a certified 200-hour yoga instructor. Lead also lays emphasis on instilling in the students the art of intelligently sequencing and effective cues.

Besides, there are other top-level courses, such as mentorship, arm balance workshop, and Morning asana practice. Hence, one can choose the course they want to get expertise in and become a full-fledged yoga instructor.

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