Thriving, Not Just Surviving Mitral Regurgitation

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Not Just Surviving Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral valve regurgitation is a heart condition where the valves of the left portion don’t get close properly. And in such conditions, our heart sometimes has to put extra effort to pump the blood. Although this heart condition is treatable, often ignorance can make it serious. If you keep it untreated then it may start affecting your heart muscles and make them stiff or weak. Here we have got you covered with some super effective tips that will not just help in your surviving this condition but also will make your heart’s valve thrive again.

Consult A Heart Specialist

After being diagnosed with mitral regurgitation what you need to do first is consult a heart specialist. Do not rely on general physicians in such cases. As it’s about your heart so you need a doctor who has specialisation on the human heart. They will examine your heart valves properly and then will start the needed treatments as soon as possible.

Take Your Medications On Time

Sometimes such mitral valve regurgitation can be treated with the right kind of medications. No surgeries are needed at all. But for this, you have to get diagnosed early. Early diagnosis can prevent the chance of surgery and ensure a speedy recovery with the help of medications. Just do yourself a small favour. Take your medications on time. Do not skip any of your medication. Also do not stop taking medications without consulting your doctor first.

Do Some Healthy Exercises Regularly

There are some special kinds of exercises that are extremely good for your heart’s health and can make your heart’s blood flow normally again. Sometimes your doctor teaches you such exercises that are specifically good for people with mitral regurgitation. Practice such exercises regularly. But of course, take your doctor’s permission first.

Try To Avoid Oily Spicy Foods And Follow A Healthy Diet

The foods you eat have a direct impact on your heart’s health. So here we advise you not to consume oily and spicy foods much. Rather replace such foods with some healthy foods like fruits, green vegetables, boiled items and more. Such foods bring more strength to your heart muscles which eventually makes your valves’ conditions better.

Do Not Be Afraid Or Avoid The Surgery

Sometimes one’s mitral valve gets so badly damaged that doctors are left with no options except performing a surgery. If this is the case with you then have faith in your doctor. Be ready for the surgery. Don’t get afraid. Your doctors are here to make your heart valves healthy and functional again.

Thus to conclude, following these above listed tips will make your heart thriving again. Just obey your doctors’ instructions and be kind to yourself. We wish you a speedy recovery.

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