In Thailand, Laser Hair Renovation

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Laser Hair Removal

Most individuals find it annoying to have to spend time on time-consuming procedures like trimming, waxing, and inefficient shaving and waxing treatments in these hectic times that we live in. The excellent news is that APEX has perfected its permanent Laser hair Removal laser method, so hair reduction need not be as difficult today. You may be confident that you are in good hands and receiving the safest, strongest treatments possible since they provide the highest quality hair removal with lasers in Bangkok and employ the nation’s most skilled nurses and laser providers.

What Style of Laser Is Used By Apex

They only employ cutting-edge technology, and always assess your appropriateness for any of your laser procedures to guarantee safe, efficient outcomes. They provide a wide variety of FDA-approved lasers. We have been using hair removal lasers in Thailand for twenty years, and we have found that no particular laser Hair Removal is suitable for every sort of skin tone or colour. For dark skin types, a particular YAG laser is needed for safety and efficacy. APEX employs the Alexandrite, also a laser, which is regarded as the industry benchmark for shaving with lasers for people who have skin with lighter pigmentation.

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Who Does Laser Hair Removal                                                               

Every hair removal with lasers procedure is carried out by a skilled medical expert from APEX. Before executing any surgery, every practitioner receives comprehensive training. Furthermore, a certified physician acts as the healthcare superintendent at every specific site, supervising the medical team and supervising all treatments.

APEX became the first company in Thailand to offer hair removal via laser when it launched its first branch in 1995. They have already completed more than 3 million hair-removal laser procedures. In terms of eliminating hair using lasers, they dominate the country’s industry. The only laser hair elimination firm in the country that has a fully functional laser hair treatment training centre is APEX. They are dedicated to providing Bangkok and the remainder of Thailand with the highest-quality laser hair removal procedures available; we set the bar high and an example for others to strive towards.

What Kinds of Skin and Hair Colours are Suitable 

Hair colour is an important consideration, even though laser hair removal may be applied to almost every skin tone and hair type. The dark pigment, or melanin, in the hair follicles, attracts the light that the laser emits. This indicates that dark hair responds well to treatment. Grey, blonde, and red hair often respond less well to therapies. They can accommodate a wide range of skin and hair tones thanks to the many laser technologies available at respective APEX facilities.

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